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Hey guys,

So you may have noticed the inactivity that has been going on for a while due to ‘personal circumstances’. Today, I felt that you guys deserve to know.

The post here will explain everything:

For the time being, SherlockCaptioned will be on permanent hiatus. I can’t continue this further while snooping and the complete blocking of Internet goes on at home. I’m so, so sorry.

Until this is resolved, I don’t think this blog will be back unless someone offers to be a co-moderator when I’m absent. Anyone who wants to be responsible for submissions and captioning for the time being can feel free to message this account.

Thank you.

- SherlockCaptioned

Irregular Posting

Hey guys,

Sorry again for the irregular week. College is still taking its toll on me and their assignments have been weighing me down. However, I will do my best to ensure that next week is fine, but no promises.

- SherlockCaptioned


Two, Thanks Tuesday #11

I’m too scared to even try to caption this.

I’m sitting this one out.

Feb 5

Two, Thanks Tuesday #10

Feb 3

Feb 1

Tumblr Shipping (NSFW)



I’m sick so today might not have been as funny. Sorry.